Provisioning your boat in Monaco

When renting a boat in Monaco, the vessel itself is just a platform to experience the very best lifestyle in the world. To compliment your day at sea with the finest champagne, quality food and refined cocktails, especially last minute, Monaco Boats rely on an array of yacht provisioners based in Monaco that will fill up the boat with all the products you might require.

Just Provisions is one of our favourite provisioners for larger yachts, working round the clock to provide the larger vessel of the fleet with all the supplies they ever need to service you and your guest in the utmost luxury. From the towels to the bathroom soaps prior to the season, to last-minute deliveries of Dom Perignon or caviar, there is nothing that they can’t achieve.

For smaller vessels, we traditionally tend to work with a smaller company with great capabilities to deliver quality products to our fleet, from the provisioning of champagne bottles to traiteur, On-Time provisioning is one of our trusted partners.

Monaco Boats constantly aims at providing guests with the utmost experience while cruising in the crystal clear waters of the Riviera. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any specific requests to provision a boat for a day out at sea.


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