Monaco Yacht Charter Guide

The kick-off of the summer season is the Monaco Grand Prix. The main focal point of the Grand Prix is the port, with the superyachts docked and lined up just in front of the track. The rest of the summer you will enjoy the vibrant parties in Anjuna, the sun blessed afternoons and the pristine beaches of the South of France.

Explore the city of Monaco and it's different district. Peruse the old streets of the rock in the morning and the incredible views on the port. Come down in Fontvielle to enjoy a lunch in Les Perles, with some of the finest oysters. Laze the afternoon on the beach in Larvotto before heading to one of the vibrant restaurants on the Rue du Portier. Later you can head to Sass Café, Jimmy's or Twiga for a party!
One of the oldes villages in France is also the most picturesque. You will need a car to head up to the old town. Once there enjoy a breahtaking views on the Riviera at the bar of the Chevre d'Or. For a vibrant afternoon by the beach you can head to the what is most likely the world's best beach club, Anjuna Beach. Rivalling with the ones in St Tropez, Anjuna is the finest party place on the Riviera.
Cap Ferrat
St-Jean Cap Ferrat is possibly one of the most blessed cities in the world. With a single access road, the city is possibly the safest in France. Paved with some of the world's most expensive villas, you will discover a true haven of luxury. The pristine waters and sandy beaches on the cap will delight every yachtsman. For a lovely lunch, you can head to Paloma or the Plage Passable.
One of the most well protected bay on the Riviera, Villefranche offers a traditional village, with a fishing port paved by restaurants and bars. Ideal for a late lunch, head to Mayssa beach for the most stunning views on the bay. Peruse the old street of the city and venture in the old fortress to discover another side of the Riviera.
Between the Iles de Lérins, you will find one of the most tranquil spots for yachting. With the old Abbay to explore and the lavender field, there are no more picturesque islands. Later you can head back to the Croisette for a vibrant evening in one of the world's most famed beach clubs.
St Tropez
The most famous town in the South of France, St Tropez has been attracting the jet set for decades. A true yachtsmen paradise, the well-protected bay offers easy access to the port and the nightclubs. In Pampelonne the beach clubs are world-famous, including Club 55, Bagatelle and Nikki Beach.

Where to Drop Anchor

Set sail and discover the perfect anchorages for your boat trip, where pristine waters meet breathtaking scenery. From tranquil bays sheltered by rugged cliffs to lively harbors brimming with culture and cuisine, these anchor points offer the best of coastal exploration. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful hideaway or vibrant marina life, you’ll find the ideal spot to drop anchor and soak up the beauty of the journey.

The best spots near Monaco

Drop the anchor in one of the spots and enjoy crystal clear waters in the utmost privacy:


–  Baie de St Laurent / Plage Mala

– Baie des Fourmis

– Baie de l’Espalmador

– Baie de Eze

– Baie de Roquebrune

– Anse la Scaletta

– Anse des Fossées

– Anse des Fossettes

cap ferrat boats for rent

The Best Beach Clubs

Discover the ultimate relaxation and entertainment at Monaco’s finest beach clubs. Each club offers a unique blend of luxury, stunning views, and exceptional service, creating an unparalleled coastal experience. Whether you’re seeking vibrant atmosphere, gourmet dining, or a tranquil seaside retreat, these beach clubs promise unforgettable moments under the Mediterranean sun.


Seafood, truffles & wok dishes, plus cocktails & a long wine list, at a surf-themed beach bar.

Paloma Beach

Exceptional food service on the beach, magnificent Mediterranean menu and signature cocktails.


Refined spot offering Mediterranean dishes, views of the Bay of Villefranche & a beachfront lounge.

Maybourne La PLage

Embodying the golden age of the Côte d’Azur, for relaxed  next to the sea, with dishes by Mauro Colagreco. 

Yacht Itineraries

Embark on a voyage of discovery with our curated yacht charter itineraries, ranging from one to seven days. Sail the azure waters and explore picturesque coastal towns, hidden coves, and vibrant harbors, each offering a unique blend of adventure and luxury. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick getaway or a week-long journey, these itineraries will provide you with an unforgettable maritime escape.

1 Day

Explore the coastline from the Roquebrune to the crystal clear waters of Cap Ferrat. 

3 Days

Cruise as far as the vibrant city  of Cannes, with stops in Villefranche, Antibes and the Lérins Islands. 

5 Days

Discover the entire French Riviera, from the refined Monaco to the vibrant St Tropez. 

7 Days

Head out to Corsica for a few days of luxury retreat before heading back to the vibrant Riviera. 

Custom Itineraries

Get in touch with our team to create a custom itinerary for a cruise alongside the Monaco Coastline in the utmost luxury.