Monaco GP Tenders

Monaco Grand Prix Tender Rentals

For an unmatched experience during the Monaco Grand Prix, our tender rental service offers a stylish and efficient way to navigate the bustling waters of Monaco. This year, with a length limit of 9 meters for tenders, our selection is tailored to comply with these specifications while ensuring a premium experience. Our fleet of tenders, each under the 9-meter length limit, is perfectly suited for the unique demands of the Grand Prix atmosphere. These tenders are not just modes of transportation; they are exquisitely designed, combining speed, agility, and luxury. Despite their compact size, each tender is equipped with high-end finishes, comfortable seating, and advanced navigation technology, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey amidst the excitement of the Grand Prix. Renting a tender during the Monaco Grand Prix provides a unique advantage, allowing you to move effortlessly between yachts, the shore, and exclusive event locations. This flexibility is essential in the dynamic environment of the Grand Prix, where quick and convenient transportation is key.

Monaco Grand Prix Tenders for Rent

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