Make the best of the Monaco Grand Prix 2023

The Monaco Grand Prix is the highlight of the Riviera season, gathering the world’s finest travellers and the most enthusiastic car lovers. Fathers take their sons to see their first race in Monaco and sons take their fathers to see the best race in Monte Carlo. There’s truly nothing like experiencing a very first Grand Prix in the principality. Each and every one of the 40,000 inhabitants vibrates and revolves around F1. For a time one weekend, the city becomes a giant race track dedicated to the world’s fastest cars and the finest drivers. Staying in Monaco this weekend requires planning in advance and organising your time. Here are our best local bits of advice. 

Book your accommodation in advance and book it smartly. Staying in Monaco during the race weekend can be a headache. With travellers from around the world gathering in Monte Carlo, the prices reach year on year unprecedented highs. A night in Hotel de Paris will be at least five times more expensive during a race weekend than during the summer, already at an eye-watering price. The hotel, however, offers a direct view of the track from the bedrooms as well as various dining options ideal to watch the race from a prime location. There are plenty of hotels in Monaco with a track view, including Metropole, Port Palace, Miramar and obviously the Fairmont located at the world’s famous hairpin.

If your hotel room doesn’t come with a race view, enjoying the race on a yacht is a must-do. With plenty of yachts offering packages to come to watch the race on board, there is here a unique opportunity to enjoy a privileged moment of luxury alongside true F1 enthusiasts. If it is within your budget, you might also consider staying aboard a yacht either by the cabin or renting an entire vessel with your friends and family. While the crowds will be struggling to reach the circuit from their hotels with the limited traffic, you’ll be sunbathing on the deck of your private yacht ahead of the race.

Partying in Monaco during the Grand Prix is a must-do. The world of Formula one isn’t famous to be quiet and tranquil. The drivers and fans are some of the most fun people to throw a party with, enjoying the high life like no tomorrow. James Hunt, the rival of iconic Nikki Lauda, was one of the most renowned partygoers in the jet set of his era. Sunset in Monaco will have to be your go-to place. The stunning beach party taking place on the shores of the Meridien hotel will be the highlight of your evenings, with vibrant entertainment and the finest crowds. You may also venture to Twiga or Sass for quality entertainment in the Principality, some of the permanent clubs in the city. 

The Monaco Grand Prix truly is one of the highlights of the F1 calendar and the world of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. There is nothing like discovering for the first time a race in the narrow streets of Monaco alongside the world’s elite travellers.


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